provides multi-dimensional biohacking,

not just athletic performance enhancement.

A combination of physical and mental performance enhancement.


EarthPulse™ enhances deep-sleep and radically accelerate short and long-term recovery on both physical and psychological levels; while synergistically providing the most potent ergogenic, adaptogenic, anti-catabolic sports performance enhancing effects ever reported.

Set personal records in your sports training in 30 days or less, or return it!
Our 90-day satisfaction guarantee represents the most lenient return policy.

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Athletic Performance Enhancement Using Nighttime EarthPulse™ between 30 – 90 days:

Studies have shown that our ergogenic system increases strength by 10%, stamina by 20% and your VO2 Max by 1% within the first 7 – 10 days and up to 3% by the end of 90 days or RETURN. Changes include an improvement in strength to weight ratio, speed, quickness, hand-eye-motor coordination, mental focus and significantly accelerates short and long term recovery mechanisms.

The ergogenic, adaptogenic and anabolic performance enhancing and accelerated repair mechanisms are due to improved cellular respiration and subsequently MoreATP(Adenosine TriPhosphate). An additional 10% strength and 20% stamina during months 2 – 3 for a total of 20% peak strength and 40% stamina over baseline! With NO weight-gain. ​

EarthPulse™ is an incomparable investment in performance regardless of your age or caliber of competition. We’ve substantially improved the strength and stamina of amateur and professional competitors in just about every sport. You may be competing against one of our clients right now without ever suspecting it. EarthPulse™ works so well it’s the most closely guarded secret in professional and amateur sports.

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EarthPulse™ The world’s most powerful ergogenic sports performance enhancement technology

Ergogenic Aid:

EarthPulse™ Magnetic Field Supplementation


Proposed Ergogenic Activity:

enhances sleep, improves wind-under- load, increases VO2Max, upregulates synaptic conductivity & endocrine – neuroendocrine pathways, sharpens hand-eye / balance / motor synchronization; improves focus, mood and motivation; helps support connective and muscle tissue; increases peak strength 10% minimum; stamina 20% minimum; raises blood and tissue oxygen levels by decreasing rate of O2 burn, thereby increasing aerobic capacity, improving flexibility, reducing free radical production, reducing or eliminating need for anaerobic metabolism altogether thereby reducing lactic acid production; reduce training related soreness by 90%

Research on Action:

routinely supports the effects reported in the  paragraph above  or your money back.


Side Effects:

no known detrimental side-effects identified since 2002: no sleep dependancy either. You’ll sleep better without it than before you owned it; even without turning it on because it helps retrain the circadian rhythm.


“I ran the fastest 400 M sprint of my life this week”


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