The EarthPulse™ ProBasic v6 Manual Mode System includes:

One v6  ProBasic Controller (two output jacks)
Two Electromagnets
One 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC Power Supply
4 pin adapters for all regions
One v6 padded, clear-side travel case


  • Software controlled amplitude; from 10% – 100% to help acclimation for EMF sensitive people;
  • Manual-Frequency Mode for choosing one frequency for up to 12 hours;
  • Addition of 1 hour buffer at 14.4 Hz  to help you wake more effectively without sleeping through shut-down;
  • L-shaped cable tips for easier trans-portability and longer plug life.
  • 2 x 1100 Gauss peak magnetic field intensity

You may choose any frequency between 1 Hz and 14.4 Hz. We find no matter which of the 9.6 Hz or lower harmonic settings are used, recovery is super FAST.  Speed of recovery at these lower harmonics is indistinguishable from 9.6 Hz. Crazy! You’ll normally wake early due to accelerated recovery, long before timer runs out and Alert kicks-in.

ProBasic is great for sleep, recovery, pets; basically anything our full function v6 Pro does without the stepping up and down Sleep, Recover, Alert and Entrainment Modes. Local use with two magnets at 90 degrees in relation to each other provides truly remarkable effects. The ProBasic is a fantastic deal. A bit more than 2x the price of a battery operated system – more than 4x more powerful.

EarthPulse™ ProBasic v6 Manual Mode System


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