2.5 kg
Program Modes




Peak Intensity

2200 Gauss

Freq Range

0.5 – 14.1 Hz


upto 12 hours

Returns Policy

90-day full money-back guarantee


The EarthPulse™ v6 Pro Sleep on Command™ System includes:

One v6 Pro  Controller (two output jacks)
Four Electromagnets

2 L-tipped magnet splitter jacks (2 distribute signal to 4 magnets from 2 ports)

4 extension cables for electromagnets 
One 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC Power Supply that will reduce EMF and RF picked up from your building
4 pin adapters for all regions
One v6 Pro padded, clear-side travel case

Designed to provide twice the full body coverage for couple. 


Includes features:

  • Software controlled amplitude; from 10% – 100% to help acclimation for EMF sensitive people;
  • 15 Algorithmic Programs including the Manual-Frequency Mode for choosing one frequency for up to 12 hours;
  • Addition of 1-hour buffer at 14.4 Hz on all Sleep-Modes, Recover and Manual-Mode to help you wake more effectively without sleeping through shut-down;
  • L-shaped cable tips for easier transportability and longer plug life.
  • 4 x 750 Gauss nano-second peak magnetic field intensity

15 Algorithmic Programs: Frequency range under 14.4 Hz

EarthPulse™ PROplus v6; 15 MODES System | For the Couple

SKU: 00004
  • Pro-plus system can be shared between two people, two electromagnets per person. Two electromagnets per person will give you sufficient coverage. However we don’t recommend using more than two electromagnets per person.


    Each electromagnet produces a field of 3ft radius on top of the electromagnet. Having the four electromagnet system would allow sufficient coverage for both sharing the same bed.

    Two electromagnets under you and the other two electromagnets under your partner.


    But since you are sharing the same controller, you both will have to use the same frequency/ sleep program. Since all four electromagnets are powered by one controller, you won’t be able to program each electromagnet differently.


    You could simply add Extra Controller unit and Power supply to your purchase and this will allow the both of you to set the controllers according to your individual preference and also you both will be able to go to sleep at different times as well. It comes handy if one of your partner is travelling, he/she may carry his/her Controller and Electromagnets anywhere.



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