With new power supply expect minimized EMF emissions and an improved, less distracting, PEMF therapy experience.

100v – 240 volts 50-60 hz input to 12 volts DC output power supply for EarthPulse™ v5+ controllers only.

Includes free shipping.

Low EMF Power Supply

Select Voltage
  • After market work we do make our Power Supply reduce EMF and RF picked up from your building.

    100-240 volt (50-60 Hz) input to 12 volt DC output power supply for EarthPulse™ v.5+ controllers only with 4 pin adapters for any region you may travel to or reside in.

    We further recommend, to plug the power supply directly in your wall’s power point (or socket) and avoid using power strips. Place the EarthPulse™ controller with back towards the wall for minimal EMF and RF exposure from the unit.

    Free international shipping.


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